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Through intuition, flexibility, and sound content, we deliver experiences that move people and change culture.

Culture is the head and the heart of a team—the collective beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. When these parts are aligned and each member is contributing to the whole, we achieve positive relationships and a healthy foundation. WinShape Teams digs deep to find the glitches, and works to fix them in ways where everyone wins. That's the power of a team made well—a team that accepts hard truths and overcomes obstacles together.

Our Process

Our goal is make space for your team to have the best experience possible and reach desired outcomes.

1. Assessment

In our assessment, we take the time to dive deep into your team’s barriers, challenges, desired outcomes, and culture. We gather all of this information to begin plotting the right program for your team. 

2. Planning 

Here, we determine fundamentals such as: goals, team dynamics, team health, and even how active or non-active you want your program to be. Next we explore how we can serve your team best with lodging, meal, and venue options.

3. Customized Experience

Our customized experience is designed specifically for your team and helps leaders and teams walk through a process of self-discovery. Our transformation model uses an experiential approach to bring about change while creating a safe place, free of distractions for your team.

4. Implementation

The end of your program is only the beginning of your journey. Our facilitators will make sure you leave with action steps for implementation. These next steps give your team clear direction and point the way toward high performance.

Next Steps

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What are your team’s values?
What are some goals that you have for your team?
What type of training have you done in the past?
Was there a certain program that you felt your team would connect with?

The best experiences are planned by talking to one of our team members.

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